Day 1: Chest & Back

Well I managed to get through day 1 yesterday evening as planned.  Unfortunately, my tennis match prior to extended to three sets.  I was walking the line between trying to win in 2 yet save energy for P90X.  Fortunately, we won, even though it went 3.  I drank a large glass of low fat chocolate milk & downed 2 Advils & a Tylenol & began my 90 day odyssey a couple of hours later.

I definitely don’t recommend playing tennis before, but this is just a fact of life I have to work through because I’m unwilling to give up tennis while doing P90X. I was definitely drained and undercaloried when starting yesterday.  I was also so eager to turn off the DVD player at the end that I missed the Ab Ripper piece and didn’t realize I missed it until reading through the Fitness Guide later that night.  I intend to do the Ab Ripper thingy this morning to catch up.

As mentioned in my prior post, pull ups were a non-starter.  I did (significant) chair assist to get up and tried my best to go back down unassisted.  My numbers were not good.  It’s very clear to me now that pull ups are a major factor in producing the results in the Chest & Back component.  With only 5 opportunities in 90 days to do Chest & Back, I’m concerned that pull-ups may not develop sufficiently for me unless I do something else.  Maybe elastic bands for just the pull up exercises every other or every third day?

By the end of each round of 12 exercises, my arms were shot.  Diamond push ups…Dive-Bomber pushups?  Not so much.  I look forward to the day when I can pull off that voodoo.

End on a positive note…. I drank tons of fluids last night to rehydrate and I feel pretty good this morning, so I’m encouraged about that.

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2 Responses to Day 1: Chest & Back

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  2. Vandal85 says:

    Albert, if you check the schedule you will be doing pull-ups twice a week…don’t forget Legs & Back later in the week! Kepp doing those assisted pull-ups, you’ll get stronger….

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