Day 2: Plyometrics

This morning I did the Ab Ripper X thingie at about 10-14 reps each for a total score of 187.  I could have pushed it a bit more but I had this plyometrics thing today that I had been warned about.

Here’s my advice re: plyometrics for those 40 & over:  If you see a light, hit pause.  Do not go into the light! Drink fluids.  Let the light fade away & then hit play.

Seriously, it’s work. But I can see that the point is to try to keep your heart rate “in the zone” for about 40 minutes.  Clearly this will build aerobic capacity (which will be great for tennis).  I’m sure it is also intended to help flush lactic acid from yesterday.

I’m now done with P90X for 24 hours.  Rest, breathe, eat.

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