Day 3: Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X

So all day long yesterday, getting up out of a chair was painful and hunched over due to tightness resulting from my Ab Ripper X (ARX) catch up on Monday.  And, all day, I’m thinkin’ “goody, I get to do ARX again this evening.”

Tip of the day: Avoid sneezing the day after you do ARX.  Otherwise, you will “feel the burn” and it’s not a good burn…more like the “ouch, I just riped open all my stitches” kinda burn.

With the completion of Shoulders & Arms and ARX last evening, I’m now fully on schedule and will hopefully avoid two days in a row of ARX going forward.

I have to say, I kinda liked Shoulders & Arms.  Good, extensive warm up period–necessary for my creaky shoulders.  It seems very flexible, with good choices for both weights and bands. I used weights for all except Crouching Cohen Curls, where I opted to try bands.  Bands seemed better suited for performing these tight curls between the knees.  I also went ahead and did the “Bonus Round.”  Side Tri-Rises were very easy for me (I did 20 each side), so it was interesting to see some on the DVD struggle.

Afterwards, I had my first recovery drink: a 12 oz glass of low fat chocolate milk.

We enjoyed a nice roasted chicken for dinner, green beans and wild rice. I’m not freaking out about the protein/carb ratio.  I’m mostly trying to eat more and better throughout the day. I would actually be happy to gain a modest amount of weight (lose fat, gain muscle). With dinner, I had my second recovery drink (well maybe 2).  This counts as a fruit portion, right? 

Yoga this evening. Looking forward to seeing what this is all about.

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