Day 5: Legs & Back; ARX

Today was my first round of Legs & Back and my third ARX.  ARX reps have been steadily improving each time, so I’m encouraged by that.  Legs & Back, dialed up the pain threshold once again.

Tip of the Day: Most people think of pain on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is essentially no pain and 10 is pure agony. Even though I’m new to this, I feel confident recommending you employ a pain scale that goes up to 11.  This way, if you’re feeling your pain at level 10 and Tony is still saying “come on, BRING it!, ” you have the option to continue by taking your pain up a notch to 11.

Below, Nigel explains the concept here, better than I can:

My legs were shaking quite a bit in some of these routines.  But once I figured out the correct weight level , things got better.  The session took about 1:20 minutes for me, because of my pull up issues.  This time I used my heaviest band, stretched as far as possible and did 25 reps of each pull up exercise, both rounds, followed by 3-4 negatives of each on the pull up bar.  This is where the time went long, so I just paused each pull up session & did my own thing  and came back to the DVD when ready.

I’m in a weird place with respect to pullups.  The bands are pretty easy to do 25.  But I can make maybe 1/16″ upward pull on the bar. So, it’s like I’m in pull up Purgatory. I think what I’m doing is a good transitional plan & I’ll try to increase the negative reps each round.

Tommorrow: Kenpo X… no idea what this means!

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