Day 6: Kenpo X

I did Kenpo X today.  The aerobics wasn’t so much the challenge.  The lack of coordination was.  That Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut thing had me twisted in a pretzel. I was having flashbacks to past wedding receptions where I am always out of step and crashing into someone while attempting the macarena.  I basically lack the ability to learn a move, while watching it at the same time as attempting it. My brain can’t invert the image to my body movement.  When I “got” a move I was fine, keeping with the rhythm and keeping my eyes off  the screen. As soon as I look at the screen, I stumble!

So, once again, I have re-learned what works for me:

Tip of the Day: Watch what they’re doing. Pause the DVD. Practice the movement. Then hit play.

This Kenpo X stuff is obviously good aerobics.  But it will also help me tremendously with tennis:  the footwork, the forward movement, the turning of the hips and punch.  This should improve my ability to play the ball, rather than playing on my heels.

+1 for Kenpo X!

Tomorrow: Rest Day, which  frees me up to go hiking to Jacks River Falls in the Cohutta.

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2 Responses to Day 6: Kenpo X

  1. Shad says:

    Nice work. It will get easier and then more fun. You’ll want to add weighted gloves in the not too distant future. Keep it up and enjoy your hike!

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