Day 8, Week 2: Chest & Back; ARX

Welcome to Week 2.Jacks River

Had a great hike yesterday. Beautiful weather, 60+ degrees and sunny.  We didn’t make it to the falls we wanted to see.  We got to Jacks River, just 1 mile short of the falls.  But, unfortunately, the river was impassable. The water was ice cold, as deep as about chest high and about 40 yards across. So, no falls for us.

Today I had a mixed doubles tennis match again. Another beautiful day of almost 70 degrees and sunny. Fortunately, we got our losing out of the way early.  2-6, 3-6. What can I say? They were good. 

So after short break, I doubled down to begin week 2 with Chest & Back. In general, I am showing improvements in almost everything since Day 1. Still can’t do a pull up, though I eeked out 1/2 a Reverse Grip Chin Up.  For all the pull ups, I began each round with 4 negatives, followed by 25 reps with the bands.  I believe this approach will pay dividends.

ARX today, I began with improvements, but my abs began to fail at Hip Rock ‘N Raise. Overall, I decreased slightly from 244 to 237. I’m OK with that, given the fact that I played tennis as well today.

Now, some yummy low fat chocolate milk!

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