Day 12, Week 2: Legs & Back; ARX

Well, I didn’t get around to posting to this blog yesterday, but I DID complete Day 12.

To my committed fan base, you are do doubt anxious to hear how I am progressing in the pull up department. Yeah, well, I continue to struggle.  Though I now can do 1/2 of a Reverse Grip Chin-Up and I amazingly did 3/4 of a Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Up. I continue to do 4-5 negatives of each type along with 25 reps of my heaviest band, maxed out for both rounds.  I read in the Team Beachbody forums how some are doing 60+ pull-ups?  Amazing.  Maybe if I inject myself with stem sells and rub steriods all over my chest and back I can get these kind of results!

The legs part of this routine is “easier” for me. I can keep up with the DVD people and can do all the reps.  I guess my question here is, am I supposed to increase the reps or add some weight if I am doing the reps they want?

Ab Ripper X.  I have been improving here, increasing my reps each time.  It was suggested to me that I hit “pause” and perform all 25 reps of each at my own pace, but get the full 339 ARX reps in.  I thought that was a good suggestion, so I did that yesterday.  Now I need to focus on form and reducing the pauses. I’m pretty pleased with the ARX improvements over this short period.

Tip of the Day: I had an appointment and had to run out after completing Legs & Back without doing the cool down stretching. Avoid missing the cool down stretching.  I tightened up quickly, and needed to stretch out a bit before doing ARX later in the day.

Proud parent moment: My son, Daniel, has opted to go to Georgia Tech to pursue Mechanical Engineering. I’m excited for him.

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