Welcome to Week 3, Day 15: Chest & Back; ARX

Well, I can honestly say I now know what the carpet on my basement floor tastes like. Not good. You know you’ve reached muscle failure when you attempt a push up and wind up licking the floor, unable to get up without rolling over.

After yesterday’s rest day, it was tough firing up the furnace to get week 3 started today. I made no improvements on pull ups this round, though I continued with 5 negatives of each type and 25 reps with the bands.  I was really feeling it in my lats with the bands this time.  Maybe because I now have some lats?  I increased the weights and lowered the reps on the Heavy Pants and Lawnmowers, which was a good move.  As I progressed deeper into the routine, my ability to do pushups diminished rapidly.  My second round pushups were all fewer reps and in my round 2 dive bombers I was forced to use my knees.  I definitely worked to failure today.

I wonder if it’s better to reduce the reps in round 1 of each exercise and attempt to match those reps in round 2?

ARX I did all 339 reps again, though I wasn’t at all happy about it!

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