Day 23, Week 4: Core Synergistics

To my dismay, Tony’s infatuation with Dreya continues on the Core Synergistics DVD.  It’s distracting and slightly disturbing.

Core Synergistics is the first new routine since I began P90X.  And just as I was starting to feel good about my coordination, I learn that I am still very uncoordinated when being introduced to new stuff. Also, to my dismay, I find out that my abs have not progressed as far as I had thought since I struggled with several moves in Core Synergistics.

Also, I’m traveling and I did this in my hotel room without the weights they want you to use in various moves, lunges, etc.  And the band I brought with me is too heavy, so I couldn’t quite pull off the Squat X Press to the full extent.

On a positive note, I DID get this done despite traveling.  And I’m sure the brain and muscles will be less confused next time I pop in this DVD and hit “play.”

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