Day 25, Week 4: X Stretch

Although I didn’t quite make Gumby look like the Tin Man, I have to say I am really enjoying these stretching routines and Yoga. My flexibility has improved in these short weeks and my lower back feels better as well.  That said, I still have great difficulty with Frog.  I just have not been able to get down low.  Basically, I know it’s the end result of almost a half century of not stretching.  So I’ll just keep trying to improve marginally with each attempt. 

I’m starting to sneak in quick yoga poses in the morning, afternoon, whenever it suits me… as needed.

It’s good to be back home. Even with the TSA groping, traveling just has just lost that joie de vivre for me.  I DID have the opportunity to go through one of those full body scanners.  I wasn’t particularly happy about it until one of the TSA agents viewing the monitor commented: “Hey, old guy, are you doing P90X?”

OK, that didn’t happen, but it would be a funny spot for a P90X infomercial.

My left shoulder is still somewhat tweaked from my pullup attempts last week, so this recovery week is definitely needed for me.

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