Day 27, Week 4: Yoga X

At the end of Yoga X, when it’s time to do your Ommm, Tony says “it’s not a cult or religion, it’s just oms.” So why was it that when I was at the airport earlier this week, I was accosted by groups of people in flowing saffron robes, extolling the virtue of Shakeology and Recovery Drinks? Well, all I can say is the farther one travels, the less one knows.

So week 4 has come to an end, and I fear next week will bring new kinds of pain and embarassment as I attempt to enter the next phase of P90X. 

I am happy to report that I successfully held the Crane position for maybe 5-6 seconds.  I assume it was 5-6 seconds because it felt like 30. I also continue to improve with the various stretch positions.

Tennis this weekend will add to the demands I’m placing on the old body.  But, hey, I’m 27 days into this… so tennis should be a breeze, right?

I’ll report back.

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