A Milestone: Day 30, Week 5

Man O’ Man O’ Shevitz, I made it to Day 30. 1/3 done with P90X!

I was a bit disappointed when confetti didn’t start streaming out of my TV in celebration of this historic milestone.  But, I take solace in the fact that I completed Plyometrics without once having to hit pause.

Also I played a set and a half of tennis with my lovely wife this morning, so I’m feeling good about my movement and aerobic capacity.  I also felt like my bursty moves in mixed doubles yesterday were showing improvement. In general, I was finding myself in a better position when attempting to hit a tennis ball.  Now actual tennis skill, once in position, is still an issue.  But, hey, 95% of life is just showing up. And as a result of Plyometrics, I’m having more success showing up on time!

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