Here We Go. Phase 2, Week 5, Day 29: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

Yesterday I entered into Phase 2 and week 5 of P90X. The much appreciated rest week has come and gone.

I played mixed-doubles tennis earlier in the day and, unfortunately, lost in three sets.  I experienced some tightening in my quads in the third set. I attribute this to the daily demands from Yoga, Plyometrics, Kenpo X, etc. After having lost, it was tough to come home and hit “play.”  But I knew I needed to get started right away before I started stiffening up. 

As you can see, my chest is showing good improvements since beginning P90X.  Despite this, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps was challenging.  How many ways can you do a push up? I had some pretty low rep counts on some of the exercises as the long list progressed.  When counting reps, does the last push up count? You know, the one  where you plant your face in the carpet and have to roll over on your side to get back up?  I say it counts as a rep. Using this face-in-the-carpet-as-a-rep methodology, I eeked out 8 Plange Push Ups.  Also, with some exercises it was difficult to know exactly how many reps I did, both due to the newness of the exercise and losing count.  Does it count as a rep when you’re doing your best & you look up at the screen and realize you’re doing the exercise incorrectly? You just “brought it” to the incorrect form?  Again, I say it counts, but only the first time.  Next time, I’ll hit pause more to make sure I fully understand each excercise before I begin.

Ab Ripper X, went reasonably well, considering how tired I was from Tennis and the Push Ups from Hell DVD.  I “cheated” a bit and did ARX shoeless.

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