Day 31, Week 5: Back & Biceps; ARX

Now I understand what the “towel boy” reference is all about.  After my first attempt at Towel Pull Ups failed, I was momentarily excited because I realized I had mistakenly grabbed the “hers” towel to do the exercise.  So, I promptly made the switch to the “his” towel.  Unfortunately, this correction failed to yield the desired outcome.

Again, I was able to eek out one unassisted pull up before using the chair and “going negative.” Also, I continue to do 25 reps of each type using the bands. I do feel like I’m getting stronger, so I’m optimistic that pull ups will develop further.  But man, introducing those towel pull ups is like kicking you when you’re down.  It’s like after doing every last push up you can, someone is yelling at you: “get down and give me five more!”

Despite my shortcomings, I liked this workout.  It’s a new DVD to mix things up and a different group of people doing the various routines. They seemed more agreeable, in a human sort of way. Whatever.  You start to form a relationship with the images on the screen as your brain struggles to form a bond and find some positive reason for what it’s being asked to do….

ARX today was hard.  My quads were sore from–I guess–the tennis and prior ARX session on Sunday. I did it though, and that’s all that matters.

70 degrees and sunny in Atlanta today.  The pollen is in the air!

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