Day 32, Week 5: Yoga X

I am in a very good mood.  Today was a big test.  Singles tennis season has begun and the big question facing me is: can I play singles tennis AND do P90X at the same time?  Well, the answer is….

A resounding YES!

I will qualify this by saying I know I will need to schedule my matches around the “easier” P90X days.  Today was Yoga, so I did it first thing this morning.  I ate more throughout the day and increased carb intake.  My tennis match was at 4 pm, I took two advil prior to and did some light stretching. Here’s the result: I won 6-3, 6-3 against a guy who whooped my butt last fall.  I don’t want to overstate this, but it’s like it wasn’t my body.  I was getting to the balls, hitting in position (Plyometrics).  I was hitting the balls deeper, following through and chipping shots back over the net that would have died on my racket in the past (Ab Ribber X, Kenpo X).  My legs felt great, my core felt great and I was hardly breathing.  All the aeorbics helped big time.  I took my opponents legs and his spirit out from under him.  I beat him with fitness.  Did I say I’m in a good mood?

Anyway, today was the most tangible day for me to see what I have gained from P90X. Keep pushing “play.”

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1 Response to Day 32, Week 5: Yoga X

  1. Simopn says:

    I have only just started reading your journey so I am sure I will be back to say more, but congratulations, this is why most of the over 40’s crowd get into P90X if they can, to make their other activities more productive / easier. Myself being over 40 too I find that my motivation was to be more durable in the outside world as Tony says and it’s so true. I am happy for you that you have found the extra value beyond seeing your pullups progress! Congratulations!

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