Day 33, Week 5: Legs & Back; ARX

P90X. It’s ….. Stablatic!

Another session of Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X is consigned to history. I completed this, on schedule, yesterday evening.  As previously reported, dear reader, I have been adding weights to various parts of this routine and amped up (to 11) the pain.

Well yesterday, I believe, I reached the maximum additional weight I can add to any of these exercises.  I was seriously sucking air after many of the squats and lunges and needed to pause for a couple of minutes before attempting pull ups.

With the exception of Yoga, these additional recovery breaks make Legs & Back, together with ARX, the longest session of the various P90X routines.  I was motivated by my successful tennis experience the other day to give this everything I had.  To the extent of what I possess, I “brought it.”

So, because of my exuberance, I was too tired to update this blog yesterday.  For this, I do sincerely apologize.  I do, however, continue to notice small improvements which I attribute to P90X.  Minor things: like a couple of hours after a routine, I am now able to hold a semi-coherent conversation from an upright position. This is a vast improvement from week one when I was only able to utter gurgling sounds while lying on the floor or couch in a fetal position, my head in a puddle of drool. 

I report these gains so you will be similarly inspired to Keep Pushing Play.

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