Day 34, Week 5: Kenpo X

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. ~Tony Horton

My coordination continues to improve, but remains the limiting factor in Kenpo X. I work up a good sweat and am breathing pretty hard, but my having to “think” to pull off some of the moves keeps me below my max heart rate.

Still, it’s a fun workout and a bit a a relief after all I brought to yesterday’s Legs & Back.

The timing of the various P90X routines is well conceived.  I’m always still “feeling it” in the various muscle groups from the prior two days, and always using all muscles to some extent.  But I’ve never found myself overtaxing myself in a given area the next day.  If the program were not balanced this way, I know I would risk injury from over use.

So ends week 5. Tomorrow is Rest Day.  Enjoy!

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