Day 39, Week 6: Yoga X

Got Yoga in early today.  I did the same last week because I had a tennis match later in the day.  But I felt good all day long, so I think I will continue to do the Yoga in the morning.  I really love the way my back feels after I’m done. 

My flexibility is improving and I’m feeling stronger and in better posture when working through the Moving Asanas.  The Deep Torso Twist Hold near the end remains one of the more difficult for me.

When you publish a blog, you get all these cool statistics about page views, sources, searches and so on.  Weirdly, despite this being 98.6% about my P90X experience, my most visited page to date is the one with the Milton Friedman clip (and with this link, I’m creating a feedback loop). I wonder, is there some latent hunger for free market advocacy in the health and fitness community?  I guess I will continue to post clips about freedom and good vs. evil.  Gotta work on the mind as well as the body.

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