Day 40, Week 6: Legs & Back; ARX

Aahhhhh… refreshing, tasty, revitalizing, low fat chocolate milk.  THAT was my motivation to suck it up and do Legs & Back today.  I was really not at all excited about this routine because my exhaustion after doing this last week was still freshly ingrained in my mind.

But it’s interesting, because you never know what your body will bring when asked to perform.  To my shock and amazement, I was able to do TWO unassisted reverse grip Pull Ups, before returning to the chair and going negative.  This surprise, pulled me through the rest of the routine. 

Also, it was interesting, that the 90 second Wall Squat was very easy for some odd reason.  After leaving the “up” position, I just stayed in the full seated position for the remaining time.  So again, this is further ammo to help me psych myself up to do a P90X routine on days where I’m not quite feeling up to it.  And, yes, I did the Ab Ripper X thing as well.

Now for some of the chocolate milk I’ve been thinking about all day…..

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