Day 41, Week 6: Kenpo X & Tennis

It went like this: I won the first set 6-1.  It was just like last week.  I was moving great and because I was in position I could put the ball wherever I wanted.  There was no beating me.  All the credit goes to P90X.

Then, in the second set, I was getting drop-shotted and lobbed when I came up. Suddenly, I was not so good. My legs.  My legs betrayed me.  Specifically, my quads. Arrgh. I proceeded to lose the next two sets 4-6, 1-6.  All the blame goes to P90X.

Hey, P90X got the credit when times were good, so why shouldn’t it get the blame when I lose?  I did Kenpo X this morning thinking that I had put enough hours between the routine and the tennis.  But the problem really was last evening’s Legs & Back, followed up with Kenpo X, then tennis.  Just too much legs in a 24 hour period.  I’m no spring chicken, after all.

It also didn’t help that last night I broke down, and “went Mexican.”  Chips & Salsa, Spicy Chicken Soup…..Margarita.  Lots of carbs and salt.  When I went on the scale this morning, I was five pounds heavier due to water retention.  My face was puffy, too.  They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  So is salsa making me stronger?  Or is it killing me?

End on a positive note.  Kenpo X went very well today. I easily kept up and was more coorinated than ever before.  I really enjoy this routine… even though it ruined me for tennis this evening.  Sorry, it’s just tough to lose!

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