Day 43, Week 7: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

Since it was raining and my morning tennis match was cancelled, I got CST and ARX in early today.  I increased the weights and lowered the reps on the triceps-related exercises. I kept the shoulder stuff very low weight because my shoulders need more of a “base” before I can do anything more without injury.  Because I increased the triceps weights, my push up reps declined overall, but not by much.  In all, I feel the routine went well because when, at the end, Tony instructs you to raise your arms and stretch, I could barely lift my arms up!  Also did ARX.  I can’t think of any other activity that makes me curse so much in such a compressed time period.  Tony: “Time for Fifer Scissors!” Albert: “%^$*&@!!!”

This afternoon, I went to the Georgia Tech vs. Miami basketball game.  GT won!  It was fun spending time with Daniel at his future school.

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