Day 44, Week 7: Plyometrics

For the next generation of P90X videos, might I humbly suggest that Military March be replaced with Silly Walk, as brought to you by our friends at Python, Monty Ltd.

Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Well, another session of Plyometrics has come and gone.  I’m beginning to lose my sense of time and space, because it always seems as if I just DID the routine only yesterday.  I got through it, but with more difficulty than last week.  Probably under hydrated going into it.

Milestone: yesterday, I noticed some upper abs peeking through in belly land.  The lower abs remain veiled below a modest layer of subcutaneous blubber.  However, the belly fat is retreating, so RAH!

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1 Response to Day 44, Week 7: Plyometrics

  1. iphonegamesblog says:

    Thanks for sharing your exercise regime! Keep it up man, just keep your goal in mind and work towards it at your own pace. You’ll get there!

    Plyometrics is tough, but well worth it!

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