Day 47, Week 7: Legs & Back; ARX

Arrrrgh… my tennis match was rescheduled, yet again, due to weather.  This time, it was due to cold, windy conditions.  Tennis is supposed to be fun, not something you break out your cross country skiing clothes to play. 

Aside for the hassle of having to constantly reschedule this match, the other downside is I consume many more calories than I otherwise would to ensure I have enough gas in the tank to play.  Then, suddenly, I have nothing scheduled to burn off the calories.  Frustrating.

I got Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X in early today because I had the tennis match scheduled at 7 pm.  The idea was that this would give me more recovery time.  I really lightened up the weights on all the squats and lunges to preserve some vitality.

I am happy to report that I was able to crank out 3 unassisted Reverse Grip Chin-Ups and one Closed Grip Overhand Pull Up before returning to the chair and bands. Also, the manufacturer of my exercise bands is standing behind their product and sending me a replacement band for the one that is chafing and near the breaking point.

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