Day 50, Week 8: Yoga X

Week 8 commences with Yoga. It’s a recovery week and will give me the “opportunity” to do Superman-Banana a couple of more times. In the (the makers of P90X) forums, it seems that Yoga is almost universally hated by all P90Xers.  Many complain about the hour and a half time commitment, even though it’s about the same as any of the other sessions, when you include Ab Ripper X.  So, the time factor, I suspect, isn’t the real issue.  I think the real issue is most guys think yoga is a “girl thing” and should therefore be very easy.  The only problem is, it’s quite difficult.  And the reason it’s difficult is because most guys (myself included) have never worked on flexibility their entire lives and, as a result, they have none.  And the fact that it’s hard, means you need significant development in the muscles and flexibility to pull off the various poses with integrity.

I also believe it allows your body to recover and relax from the stress imposed by the pulling and pushing routines.  But why listen to me?  Listen to the man:

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