Day 56, Week 8: Rest, Tennis & Pie

Yesterday was Rest Day and the end of Week 8.  I played in a very competitive doubles tennis match, which (trend alert) we lost 4-6, 6-7 (tiebreak).  It was a beautiful day and I was feeling good.  I was also eating well throughout the day & even though a banana (I found out after he fact) ruined my cumulative carb goals for the day, I was still under with fat.  Over the last three days, my cumulative Carb/Fat/Protein ratio was 41% / 20% /39%. I was feeling pretty good about this, until…THE PIE! I haven’t bothered entering the pie into my nutrition tracker.  It’s just too depressing.  I can tell, by it’s wonderful taste, that it completely destroyed my hard work to achieve perfect nutritional harmony. All that said, it was worth it!

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