Day 57, Week 9: Chest & Back; ARX

Tip of the Day: When securing your resistance bands to the top of a door with a door anchor, make certain the door is fully closed, and that the door latch is fully engaged.

Since today marked the return to resistance exercises and the long dormant Chest & Back routine, I removed my old, chafed resistance band and installed the newly received replacement band.  I also lined the inside of the door anchor attachment with Duct Tape to make it smoother and hopefully reduce friction and chafing of the new band.

With this, I popped in the DVD & hit “play.”  Despite feeling pretty lousy, I started out well with push-ups and even eeked out a single Wide Front Pull Up before using the chair for negatives.  When it was time to use the newly installed band for my 25 reps, on the first pull, the door flung open and the fully extended band snapped back and the chock at the base of the door anchor smashed into both may hands, cutting my thumb and causing instantly swollen knuckles.  Ouch!  Fortunately, this did not hit my face, or it could have been a serious injury. Apparently, I didn’t ensure the door latch had engaged before I began to use the band.  Bandaging my cut thumb, cursing out loud and resetting up the band in the door took some time. 

Working through Chest & Back was extremely difficult. It’s not that I was doing poorly–I was either at or somewhat better than my last performance in week 3–it’s just that I felt like I was gonna puke the whole time. I couldn’t wait for it to end. And, because I do an additional 25 reps with the band in both rounds of the pull up exercises, this routine seemed to take for…ever. I think the nausea was because I had a bagel for breakfast about 2 hours prior to the routine.  I’ve noticed this with morning tennis as well. Bagels just tend to sit in my stomach like a brick.  I think I’ll stick to yogurt & bananas for mornings when exercise is to follow.

Here’s a good description of how bad I was feeling during Chest & Back: I was looking forward to doing Ab Ripper X! Amazing.  It’s because my brain knows it ends in 16-20 minutes.

After Ab Ripper X and a shower, I went to watch my wife play a doubles tennis match (happy Birthday, honey).  I will refrain from providing any commentary about the match.

We ended the day at an end of season Fencing Team party with my son.  I ate pretty well throughout the day, but slightly exceeded fat and could only get to about 35% protein, even with a Whey Drink and protein bar. Of course, since it was a party, there was… CAKE. What’s a party without cake?  Aleece, if you’re reading this, it was wonderful cake, you saboteur!

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