Day 59, Week 9: Shoulders & Arms; ARX

Tip of the Day: Don’t smash your face! ~ Tony Horton

Wow, returning to Ab Ripper X for the second time after a recovery week is a painful thing.  I did all the reps, but OW–the BURN!  It’s amazing how quickly my body retreats back to it’s natural pudding-like state. 

In Phase 3, you return to all those lovely routines that you left behind after week 3.  Yesterday I gave Shoulders & Arms my best effort, although my left shoulder was somewhat tweaked from something prior to this routine. Consequently, I had to lower my week 3 weight on a couple of the raises.  On average, though, I performed slightly better than in week 3, increasing weights, reps or both.  My upper back and neck have been tight since starting Phase 3, hopefully today’s Yoga will be good for what ails me. 

Yesterday, I stated taking Omega 3 Fish Oil and Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements. I have creaky joints, so we’ll see if there is any benefit.

Singles tennis again this evening. Should be good weather.

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