Milestone: Day 60, Week 9: Yoga X

It’s Day 60. 2/3 done with P90X!  It’s hard to believe that just about a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling a bit “out there” in the P90X wilderness: half way in and just as much to go. Now that I’m 2/3 done, I’m starting to think, “gosh, only a few more weeks and I’ll be done?”  I’m beginning to wonder what I will do after this noble experiment.  Too soon to tell.

My big milestone day started out with the same tightness in my upper back and left shoulder I’ve been experiencing the past couple of days. Because I had tennis scheduled, I got yoga in early.  I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point during the working asanas, while in upward dog, the tightness went away.  I’ve been feeling good for the rest of the day so far.  I worked hard, and with success, at getting low in the warrior poses and keeping my arms up straight in warrior one. The most difficult moves for me are Royal Dancer and Standing Leg Extensions.  This is partly because my legs are wobbly after all the moving asanas, and–for the standing leg extensions–an inability to get to toe lock.  I just grab my calf and try to stand straight.  But…wait for it….I was able to pull off CRANE, twice, for about 10 seconds each time.  Lots of wrist and finger adjustments were needed to do it.

I had a singles tennis match, which I won: 6-2, 6-7, 6-1.  My opponent didn’t hit the ball hard, so each return required something special to make sure it didn’t hit the fence or just dribble off the strings. He had a wicked slice though.  The first set went fairly easily, as implied by the score.  In the second set, I quickly fell behind 0-4.  I then decided to focus and “not lose any more points.” Introducing: Plyometric Albert.  I ran down everything and brought the score to 6-6.  Feeling good, not breathing too hard. Ugh, I then completely lost the tiebreak 0-7.

So I had to play a third set, which didn’t faze me, since I was down 0-4 and I knew the odds were against a 2 setter.  Don’t think I wasn’t thinking about this stupid blog and how I was in no mood to sit down and report that I lost yet another match, despite all my conditioning efforts.  I was thinking, “why oh why did you mention in yesterday’s post that you had a tennis match scheduled?”

Anyway, I cleared my head and took comfort in the fact that despite losing the second set, I had just won 6 of the last 8 games, so “just keep on doing what you were doing.”  And that’s how the second set went.  I also kept Plyometric Albert in the match running down everything that wasn’t an outright winner. He commented after the match, “man, you just get to everything.”  THAT, my brothers, is because of P90X.  I’m in MUCH better cardio/aerobic shape than I was going in.  It’s a good feeling.

I’m continuing my efforts to convert into a 160 lb, 6 foot tall protein bar.  And I’ve been doing better at keeping fat below 20%.  Protein is averaging 38% since I started measuring last week.

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