Day 61, Week 9: Legs & Back; ARX

Yesterday, gentle reader, I performed a total of 16 unassisted Pull Ups during the Legs & Back routine.  In addition, I did 61 negatives with the chair.  I also continued to use the band to do 25 reps in both rounds of each pull up type, for a total of 250 band pulls. What an improvement from Day 0; I’ve very proud of this.  It motivates me to keep pushing myself.

Because I had no tennis scheduled, I went ahead an increased weights back to normal: 10 lbs on the Balance Lunges, 25 lbs on the Step Back and Alternating Side Lunges, and 35 lbs on the Calf Raises. That was work.  Adding back the weight really made Ab Ripper X extra fun.  The initial moves–In & Outs, Bicycles, & Crunchy Frog–where tough because my quads were weak after all the Lunging.  But I got through it. You can do anything for 16 minutes, right?

Nutrition: I’ve been running at a cumulative calorie deficit of 2,225 for the last week. I just can’t physically eat more without completely blowing my carb and fat ratios.  Yesterday, I was at a Carb/Fat/Protein Ratio of 40%/21%/39%.

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1 Response to Day 61, Week 9: Legs & Back; ARX

  1. patch says:

    From zero to 16? That is amazing! Great job!

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