Day 62, Week 9: Kenpo X–Never Give Up, Never Surrender

My day began with failure. It was a good idea, on paper: amp up your morning protein intake by adding a scoop of GNC Pro Performance Wheybolic Extreme 60 to your Quaker Oatmeal

Method 1: Put oatmeal in bowl, add 1 scoop of Wheybolic, add 2/3 cup cold water & nuke for 1 minute, 30 seconds. Result: Oatmeal soup topped with a solid rubber chocolate layer of protein.  Tossed it.

Method 2: Put oatmeal in bowl, add 2/3 cup of water, nuke for 1 minute, 30 seconds.  Then add 1 scoop of Wheybolic, mix.  Result: small, congealed rubbery chocolate blobs in a soupy oatmeal mix. Unfit for human consumption.  Tossed it.

Method 3: Abandon experiment, cut losses & eat a banana.

Nothing against either of these two products.  They are just great, on their own.

After my humbling culinary defeat, I logged on to the Team Beachbody forum to see how the folks in a thread I’m in were doing.  P90X as a standalone DVD product is very good and I’m benefiting from it.  However, you also have access to this entire community of people who have done and are doing P90X and other Beachbody programs.  It’s really a tremendous, value-added, resource.  People share their goals, successes and setbacks in what is truly a very supportive arena of likeminded people.

The group as a whole started a little before me and they’re in the home stretch.  But one is in PT with an injury and at least two others are struggling to keep motivated to continue.  Believe me, I can relate. Several times, I’ve gone through entire 60 minute routines not wanting to do them.  Often I don’t want to get started but, after the warmup, my body wakes up and I do OK.  Well, here’s a motivational video for all the good people in Vandal85’s (Dave’s) thread: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Keep pushing play, my brothers.

Just finished another round of Kenpo X.  This continues to go very well for me.  I’m in a good sweat when done and that’s with air conditioning!

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