Day 64, Week 10: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps; ARX

So yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about my progress working through the next to last run of Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.  That is, until I came upon the Clap or PLYO Push Ups.  All along, I have been working on the Clap version.  In week 5, I did 20 on my knees, then, in week 6, I managed 4 very ugly regular Clap Push Ups; then 5 in Week 5.  Yesterday, I did 6 ugly ones.  I’m sure I could do more and in better form if they weren’t the 19th exercise in the routine.  Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is, I was feeling pretty good about my progress. I was working hard on form and increasing the weight on the tricep exercises and the overall reps on Push Ups. I was still keeping the shoulder-related weights very low to build a more secure base and avoid injury.  So there I was, huffing and puffing and sweating away, when I glanced up at the screen and caught a glimpse of Tony Horton about a foot and a half off the ground in a mid air Plyo Push Up. 

I had a sense of how Lewis and Clark must have felt after working hard to climb that first peak out west and from the summit witnessed the Rocky Mountains and the endless expanse of frozen peaks that lay ahead.  So Albert can do 6 Clap Push Ups…that’s nice.  How about showing some commitment to the program?  Get down and give me 15 Plyo Push Ups! For mortals like me, I realized that I can do many, many rounds of P90X and still never get to where some of the participants on the DVD are.  It’s sorta like my tennis game.  At my level, I am inspired by the fact that because I’m so bad I can actually improve each year well into my 90’s.

The whole Plyo Push Up thing was just a minor distraction, though.  I fully realize I’m (thankfully) not in competition with Tony, Phil and Dave (maybe, Laura).  I’m competing against myself, working to improve overall strength and conditioning.  And it’s working pretty well, given the constraints of my DNA and age.

Ab Ripper X was easier yesterday; who knows why.  Partly, I assume it’s because last week I had 3 ARX sessions and partly because I increased carbs on Saturday.  Kept fat intake very low, so nutrition remains good.

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