Day 67, Week 10: This is Yoga X, My Brother!

Like the Black and White cookie, Yoga is about harmony, balance, yin and yang. As Jerry Seinfeld observed, “If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved.”

With today’s session, I worked to ensure I was down in those warrior poses, with my arms up, not doggin’ it!  I did not want to be admonished by Tony.  I also started early because I has a singles tennis match scheduled for the evening.  But the match turned out to be yet another rain out, now rescheduled for Sunday morning.  Anyway, I did all the moving asanas off the yoga mat this time.  My basement workout area is carpeted with a good pad underneath and I wanted to try without the mat to see if I could achieve better stability on the carpet alone.  It turns out I was much more controlled without the mat.  I parted ways with the mat on the standing postures, also with better results.  I guess sometimes cushier isn’t better.

My shoulders were still aching from yesterdays Shoulders & Arms routine, especially while doing the chaturangas.  No pain, but definite achiness.  Flexibility and breathing is improving as well. It feels like there is less belly in the way when doing the seated hamstring stretches. Possibly, because there is less belly.  This has not yet been proved with any sort of quantitative measurement, but it is my belief.  I can also report that I’m getting better at holding the crane position and twitching my finger and hand muscles to keep the pose.

Royal Dancer is still pretty ugly, though!

Throughout the session, my mind kept coming back to one thing: the cookie.  Clear your mind, and look to the cookie.

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