Day 68, Week 10: Legs & Back; ARX

While doing the Legs & Back routine today, I noticed an odd bulge protruding from the outside-front of both legs where my shin should be.  Concerned, I took a small break and did a little research on the interweb to determine what, if anything, was wrong.  As it turn out, the weird bulges were the result of the development of a dormant muscle known as the tibialis anterior.  Apparently, this is some odd side effect of the P90X program.  All this exercise and good nutrition is activating some primal switching mechanism in my DNA, causing my body to morph into a sort of paleo-Albert version of my former self. It’s ok, I guess.  It’s not like it’s terribly disfiguring. And I figure I can adjust–over time–to having turkey legs, as opposed to chicken legs.

To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to going through the whole Legs & Back routine today. It consists of multiple oxygen-sucking lunges and pull ups, pull ups and more pull ups.  But for some reason, my body is able to perform pull ups better in this routine than the others.  Probably, because I’m not simultaneously destroying my triceps and biceps in every single exercise (ref: Back & Biceps).  Anyway, my 16 unassisted pull ups from last week has increased to 26.  Hoo-Rah.  I gave it my best.  In the second round I was reduced to 0 Wide Front Pull Ups, and 0 Switch Grip Pull Ups.  Yes, I continue to use the chair for additional negatives and 25 pulls on the band for both rounds of each Pull Up type. Good progress, for sure.  But I’m pretty wiped out.  For some weird reason, I have a craving for tomato basil soup….

Ab Ripper X.  Ripping of the abdominal muscles is complete.

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