Day 69, Week 10: Kenpo X

Today makes the 10th time I have Kenpo’d with Tony and the kids. And having sweated through this DVD as often as I have, I feel compelled to comment on something.  Throughout the entire DVD, Tony Horton looks to Wesley Idol when describing the various moves.  I appreciate that Wesley Idol must have played an integral part in getting Kenpo X choreographed and I do not doubt his expertise.  However, if you want to see form and determination, cast your eyes to the upper right corner of your screen and behold, as Tony dubbs him, “the Stud of the World,” former Marine Tony Lattimore.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to make this observation, but of all the participants, Tony Lattimore is where I look to try to get the moves right.  He’s simply performing at an order of magnitude above the rest.

I moved and grooved through the DVD and enjoyed my patented P90X Recovery Drink afterwards.  Nutritionwise, I’ve been doing well, consuming many grams of protein per day.  Today, I’ve upped the carb intake in preparation for a weekend of tennis.  Wish me luck!

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