Day 71, Week 11: Chest & Back; ARX

Yesterday was my final round of Chest & Back in my P90X experience.  For the first time, it really hit home that, with week 11, my 90 day run is coming to a close.  Since this was the final Chest & Back, I was really committed to doing my best. Although I was pretty drained from three sets of singles tennis earlier in the day,  it worked out pretty well.  For all the pushing exercises, I either gained or held ground relative to my performance in week 9.  Round 2, however, was a mixed bag.  Some results were unchanged, some slightly better, and some decreased.  Diamond Push Ups were the exception.  I did 15 reps of these in both rounds, much better than in the past. I think having had better form, with very wide legs helped. 

It’s weird how when I start a second round push up attempt, I sometimes think I won’t be able to do any reps…I sort of just collapse.  But then the muscles get properly engaged and I’m always able to knock some out.  Dive Bomber Push Ups also went better than ever, with minimal shoulder creaking (are Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements showing some benefit?).  I also think part of the mixed round 2 pushing results were because I did significantly better with Pull Ups in this routine than ever before.  Here are the results for cumulative (round 1 & 2) real, unassisted pull ups (not counting negatives and bands):

So, while I’m not by any means exceptional at Pull Ups, I have achieved undeniably great results from my baseline of zero. For those of you struggling with Pull Ups, don’t be discouraged.  Note how it wasn’t until Phase 3 that I started to show any quantitative results, even though I was getting stronger throughout Phases 1 and 2.

As I mentioned earlier, my day began with a three set singles tennis match.  I knew it was going to be a tough day for me with tennis and P90X resistance together.  I knew it was likely going to be a three setter since my opponent had gone three sets all season.  And so?  How did it go?  Well, I’m happy to report that I won: 6-3, 1-6, 6-2.  Yeah, the second set got pretty ugly, I wasn’t moving my feet.  I started moving again in the third, with good results.

After all that tennis, the first 3 moves in Ab Ripper X were choc full o’ pain in the thighs.  I survived it though.

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