Day 72, Week 11: Plyometrics

I got Plyometrics in much later in the day than I typically do my P90X thing.  We had this guy in our house all day “fixing” our AC.  He wouldn’t leave…and it still doesn’t work.  Arrrgh.

Anyway, I did get Plyo X in.  I can get through this routine fairly well at this point.  Yeah, I’m breathing & sweating, but I’m not gasping and clutching my chest!  The only issue yesterday was my thighs were still weakened from the prior day’s tennis. Mind you, I didn’t hold back. I got low in the lunges and jumped high in the jumps, I just felt it more in the thighs than I usually do.

I don’t get out much on my bike any more.  Since moving to Atlanta, biking has taken a hard decline.  There is no shoulder on the roads down here, and you’re taking your life in your hands from the moment you leave your subdivision.  I have several times been deliberately run off the road by rednecks in pickups sporting the confederate flag. I’m not kidding.  So, for me, biking is something I do when I have huge amounts of open time and I mount my roof rack, load up the DeRosa (yes, an old, pretty, classic STEEL bike) and drive 45 minutes to a trail that was a former railroad line.  Because of the time, this is something that doen’t happen very often.  STILL, it would be interesting to see how I perform immediately after this P90X round, because my cardio/aerobic feels very good and my legs are much stronger.

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