Day 73, Week 11: Shoulders & Arms; ARX

As I’m sitting here writing this entry, I’m dutifully drinking my P90X Recovery Drink.  I’ve just completed Ab Ripper X and closed the last chapter of Shoulders & Arms.  As I complete each of these final sessions, I become increasingly aware that I really am in the home stretch.  And because of this, I’m working to make sure I’m doing my very best while avoiding injury.  Sometimes this feels like a thin line to walk.  My upper back, it seems, always gets knotty at the beginning of this routine.  But by trying to stay rational about my ability, I’m usually feeling better by the end.  Such was the case today. 

I’m proud to say that in this final round I increased my weights on almost every exercise.  If the weight didn’t increase, the reps did.  So my overall chart for Shoulders & Arms has a steady increase over the 11 week period.  Nice.

I haven’t reported on nutrition recently.  That’s because this past weekend I stopped entering everything I eat into  It’s a great tool, and I expect I’ll continue to use it from time to time.  But once I got the sense of what and how much I needed to eat each day to get to my goals, there was no point in entering the data. It was just work and no new insight.  I will definitely use it when trying something new or preparing something I haven’t measured out in terms of calories, carbs/fat/protein ratios.  I am doing a good job of staying on track foodwise, and the belly blob continues to wane.  But I fear it may not be completely gone by the end of this 90 day effort.  It blows my mind how hard it is to burn away the last few pounds.  It really makes you think hard before you cram something in your mouth.  You start thinking in terms like, jeez, that piece of cake is one whole session of Legs & Back & Ab Ripper X, only tastier…..

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