Day 76, Week 11: Kenpo X

It was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta.  Sunny and in the high 80’s.  Yesterday, I got Kenpo X in early because I had a singles match scheduled for 4 pm.  The Kenpo routine gets me in a good sweat but is nowhere near as demanding as Plyometrics. I dutifully drank my P90X recovery drink afterwards, showered and then went to pick up two freshly restrung, re-grommeted rackets. 

Next, I drove over to the subdivision where my wife was playing her doubles tennis match.  From there, I drove directly to my match.  My opponent had clay courts, a surface I hadn’t played on in over a year.  I enjoy playing on clay, the sliding, the grit…it’s fun.  My record isn’t that good on clay because an opponent that always plays on clay has a distinct advantage on that surface.  Not yesterday, though.  The planets aligned.  Jupiter was aligned with Mars.  My wife won her match and I won mine as well.  Peace in the Valley.  I won pretty decisively: 6-4, 6-3.  It was a good feeling, playing in the heat and feeling fit.  I only had to overcome my talent deficit.  In the past, I had lack of talent and fitness as obstacles!

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