Day 80, Week 12: Back & Biceps; ARX

The battery was running pretty low throughout the day yesterday after the prior day’s morning Plyometrics and three sets of tennis in the evening.  It didn’t help matters that I also didn’t eat that much throughout the course of the day.  Still, I dutifully popped in my DVD and reanimated Tony and the kids for my final stab at Back & Biceps.

Despite my general lethargy, after the warm up, I felt some vim.  As I go through the final rounds of each of the P90X routines, I feel compelled to give it my best shot.  Like the annoying “bring it, bring the pain” Katie, I heavied up my weights on most of the bicep curls and lawnmowers.  But after pushing harder on some I had to give back ground on others.  Mid way through the routine, I had to lower the weight from the prior week on open arm curls; my biceps were shot.  I paused the DVD more often and really took my time so I could recover better between exercises.  In general, though, I have progressed well through this routine over the course of the program. 

Pull ups, however, were my main focus yesterday.  As my loyal readers know, at the beginning of P90X I wasn’t able to do a single unassisted pull up. This did not change significantly through most of the program.  However, in the  past several weeks, my back muscles have been experiencing a renaissance of some sort and pull ups have been increasing exponentially from week to week.  My cumulative total pull ups yesterday reached 28.  I started out strong, but by the second round of pull ups, my shoulders sort of gave out and the remaining pull ups suffered for it.  I feel that if my shoulders recover, I should be able to do more than I did yesterday.  I’m actually looking forward to my final Legs & Back to see if this positive trend continues.

After Ab Ripper X, I showered and went to a school resistricting meeting that went late into the night.  E & I got back and ate a pizza and drank a bottle of wine.  I don’t even feel guilty about it because I’ve been eating well, especially in the later parts of Phase 2 and throughout 3.

Yoga this morning….I’m not looking forward to the chaturangas with my sore shoulders…and singles tennis first round playoffs (that I didn’t sign up for, yet was on the schedule) this evening.  I really have no intention of giving this match too much effort because I didn’t want to be in the playoffs to begin with.   But you never know what will happen on the court.

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