Day 81, Week 12: Yoga X

It always turns out to be a surprise how I will perform from one day to the next through my P90X odyssey. After punishing my shoulders yesterday in my zeal to increase pull ups, I was wary of what pain lay ahead with all the chaturangas in the endless moving asana sequence.

Well, to my surprise, there was no pain. None at all.  In fact, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, I had my best Yoga X session ever. I only started to sweat a little during the half moon poses.  Breathing, flexibility and balance were all very good.  Was it because I “got my mind right?” Was it the pizza and the half bottle of cabernet last night? Was it the cumulative effect of 80 days of P90X?  Or was it just all grooviness and chi, baby?

The Gestalt view would insist the answer is: “all of the above.” And perhaps there is some truth in that.

I ate an early dinner and went off and played my round 1 singles tennis playoff match.  More on that tomorrow.

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