Day 86, Week 13: Core Synergistics

“This might be your favorite workout.” ~Tony Horton

It most certainly is not.

I’m not sure exactly why.  Maybe it’s because Core Synergistics is always scheduled during Recovery Week and my brain equates “recovery” with “easy.”  So I’m always mentally unprepared for the effort that needs to be brought to Core Syn.  This being my final week of P90X, I have one more session of this delightful routine remaining.  The back of my shoulders are still sore from my Legs and Back Pull Ups and the ache was reawakened by all the Push Ups in Core Syn.  Here’s hoping this will subside by the next session.

I’ve been drinking (chewing?) Shakeology for the past three days.  I thought I’d give it a try.  The ingredients and nutrition info seem compelling. The chocolate is OK tasting.  The Green…not so much.  While it’s fun to drink something green that looks like a Klingon beverage, it’s just… Well, I’ll be charitable and just say it’s an acquired taste. 

With the introduction of Shakeology into my life, I know I’m not hurting my nutritional balance.  Yet, after three days, I feel and look the same.  I don’t look any younger, my hair is still thinning, my weight: unchanged. Maybe I need to drink more….

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