Day 87, Week 13: Kenpo X

I don’t know what little tricks you employ to get through the Kenpo X routine.  Me, I like to pick a target. And what is that target?  Well, it’s my imaginary P90X Tony Horton Punch Clown.  I wish Beachbody would offer this compelling product idea.  I would be the first in line to order! 

Who hasn’t wanted to punch or kick Tony in the face at some point during their P90X experience?  The Punch Clown would offer a socially acceptable outlet to vent the various frustrations that build up throughout the program. 

I finished my final round of Kenpo X yesterday morning.  I enjoy it, even without the punch clown.  It’s no longer difficult for me, but I still work up a good sweat. 

Later in the evening I played my second round singles tennis playoff match.  I lost 6-7 (5-7) , 0-6.  It was good tennis.   My opponent was young and a good server.  I think I only had one break opportunity in the match.  The important thing is that my loss wasn’t due to physical limitations.  It was a talent deficit.  When the second set was over, I was still feeling great and my main regret was we were through playing.  I wasn’t winded ever during the whole match.  Despite the horrible second set score, I had my young opponent bent over, hands on knees, gasping for air after several points.  If I somehow could have extended the time, I might have taken out his legs.  Anyway, so ends my Spring singles tennis season.  Maybe I’ll sign up for the summer to see how I can take the heat….

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