Day 88, Week 13: X Stretch

Tony Horton makes movie references throughout the P90X programs.  His favorite seems to be Forrest Gump.  But he clearly has a dark side that reveals itself with his analogies to Deliverance and The Exorcist.  Ok, I agree, Shawna from X Stretch & Yoga X is indeed flexible.  She’s made of Play-Doh and makes Gumby look like the Tin man and etcetera. But really? Like that girl from The Exorcist?  I just don’t see the resemblance.

Despite these distractions, I enjoyed X Stretch today. I really needed it.  My shoulders and neck were in knots and are now feeling much looser.  My shoulders are still feeling it when doing chautarangas.  I needed to take three Advils prior to playing my tennis match yesterday to take the edge off so I could serve.  I’m guessing I’ll need a full week of nothing for the shoulders to fully recover.  So, I plan to do my Fit Test next weekend after I get back from my business trip.

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