P90X, Day 90, Week 13: Yoga X. I did it!

I completed P90X this morning with my final session of Yoga X.  I think it’s an appropriate routine to end the 90 days.  I’ve really been feeling it this final “Recovery Week,” and ending with Yoga, gave me a great opportunity to loosen up my tight neck, shoulder and back muscles. 

My Mother-in-Law is visiting and she was very curious about the whole P90X thing. She asked if she could spend a bit with me to watch the Yoga routine.  This is what passes for entertainment when people come to visit.  It helps keep the number of guests and the duration of their stays to a minimum.  So I said, “sure, you can watch, but don’t feel compelled to watch too long because I can’t imagine anything more boring (and very likely discomforting) than watching me do yoga.”  Having an audience made me feel I had better perform well: getting down low and holding my arms up and out straight in the warrior poses.   I don’t have a mirror set up, so I’ve never really known exactly how good or bad I was doing in this regard. I’ve always felt like I was doing pretty well.

Well, my patient Mother-in-Law sat through most of the first 40 minutes of the program.  She said I held the poses well and she commented about how hard it looked: lifting the leg and swinging it in to Runner’s Pose.  It was hard, especially Yoga Belly 7, which I really worked. I felt very good upon completion, though.  Oh, and I held Crane for over 30 seconds.

So my P90X experience has come to an end.  When I started this journey on January 23rd, I wasn’t sure what to expect, how I would do, or even if I could or would finish.  But I did finish, on schedule. And I’m better off for it.  I’m going to be on a plane for about 13 hours on Sunday flying to Alaska for business and I hope to consolidate some of my thoughts about the P90X program for later publication in this blog.

I can say this now, though: P90X is by far the best investment in money and time I have made toward increasing my overall fitness.  And my journey is not ending with these initial 90 days.  Now that I have proven to myself that I can do this, and am enjoying the benefits derived from daily exercise and good nutrition, I refuse to give it up.  What exactly I will do needs to be finalized, but I have a couple of recovery weeks to lay out my plan.

I also want to give my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported my blogging effort and the good people in Dave Stewart’s TEAM BALLISTIC in the P90X message board.  You were all a big factor in helping provide the mental fortitude to Keep Pushing Play, day after day after day. I’d post a link but Beachbody, LLC doesn’t allow WordPress links to their site. Anyway, they can be found on the teambeachbody.com message boards, under Programs>P90X.


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7 Responses to P90X, Day 90, Week 13: Yoga X. I did it!

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks a bunch. I find your blog to be a huge motivation since you seem to be unstoppable with your diligence. Every time I finish a week I read your following week as motivation to keep going.

  2. Johnny C says:

    Good work chap… just a week behind you!

  3. LilaA says:

    Congrats!! on to round 2?? 🙂

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