P90X Postscript: Plyometric Snowshoeing

I’ve been snowshoeing before, and it’s fun.  But have you ever jogged down a mountain in snowshoes?  I just did!  It was a blast.   

After working all day in Valdez, Dave and I drove up to Thompson Pass and he skied and I snowshoed up Little Odyssey.  He, of course, skied down.  I jogged. In snowshoes.

It was an exceptionally beautiful, cloudless spring day in Valdez and so we took advantage of the weather and extended daylight Alaska affords this time of year.  If you’ve never had the opportunity to go to Alaska, find a way.  The expansiveness, and wildness is fantastic.

Why the reference to Plyometrics?  Well, for those of you sucking wind on all those Jump Knee Tucks, Rock Star Hops and Heismans, just know that it’s ideal prep for snowshoe jogging, which requires you to get your knees up to avoid a face plant in the snow!

I feel great.  Another tangible benefit from my 90 day effort.  Once I’m back, I’ll do my final P90X Fit Test and post the results along with my overall review of the P90X program.

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