P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 3: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Caw, caw.  After my 2 week hiatus, I was feeling downright Cretacian yesterday… like a pterodactyl.  Oh the joy of once again experiencing the full glory of Ab Ripper X achiness on the second day after.  And my arms.  They did not want to go all the way up when doing  jumping jacks in the warm up.  It’s just amazing how quickly post routine achiness returns.  It’s only been TWO weeks since completing P90X. And it’s not like I’ve been lounging around on the sofa eating Krispy Kremes.  I was snowshoeing up mountains–twice–during my time off.

I also realized something when working through yesterday’s Shoulders & Arms routine.  Whenever Tony Horton says “left” or “right,” he’s referring to HIS left or right, leg, arm, or whatever.  This caused confusion for me in my initial attempts at routines like Kenpo X in my first Round of P90X.  However, when Shaun T says “left” or “right,” he’s actually using the opposite side, presumably for the benefit of the viewer at home, who is sort of looking at a mirror image on the screen.  This is fine, and likely the result of focus group research at Beachbody, LLC on how to make their products more accessible.  However, having learned to “flip the P90X image in my mind,” I now had to unlearn this mental trick when doing the Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  It actually explains why I was so uncoordinated in some of the initial moves on the DVD.

So, this being Round 2, what can I possibly say about Shoulders & Arms that I haven’t already said, or that hundreds like me haven’t already blogged? Probably nothing. 

I once again strayed from my plan, and completed both rounds of each exercise.  As I re-start each of these routines, I’m naturally curious to see how I’ll do in comparison to my final numbers in my initial P90X round.  Both times, so far, I’ve fared well: tracking with my final numbers.  I was able to keep reps and weights the same as in Week 11, with the exception of Deep Swimmers Press.  A good starting point for Round 2!

Yoga X today.  Looking forward to that.

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