P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 5: Legs & Back; Ab Ripper X

I completed Legs & Back yesterday.  Since I last visited this routine in Round 1, Week 12, I’ve lost a bit in the Pull Up department.  But the decrease wasn’t horrible.  In week 12, I reached a cumulative all time high of 61 unassisted Pull Ups.  Yesterday, I totaled 48, still better than my week 11 results.  For everything else, I kept all weights and reps the same as in my final week 12. So, from a P90X perspective, I’m pretty close to starting where I left off as I initiate this Round 2 effort.  I find this encouraging, because–frankly–it can at times be a bit of a mental challenge working through these routines knowing that I’m only 4 or 5 days in to a 90 day round.  So, it’s a good feeling that I have the opportunity to “build on the foundation” of my Round 1 results.

Because I add negative pull ups using a chair and band pulls to each round of Pull Ups, Legs and Back–together with Ab Ripper X–continues to be the  l o n g e s t  routine in my schedule.  And after having been introduced to the intensity and pace of Insanity, some parts of Legs & Back seem downright leisurely, especially near the end, when you’re looking forward to getting on with your life.  Sneaky Lunge has become easy and time-consuming.  Chair Salutations, I dunno, maybe I should add time to them?  And Groucho Walk?  OK, it’s amusing.  But what does it accomplish other than letting you recover between Pull Ups?  These are minor criticisms.  I’m sure on another day I’ll be equally happy to Sneaky Lunge the time away.

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