P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 8: Chest & Back; ARX

After getting back home yesterday from our backpacking excursion, tossing clothes in the laundry and putting gear away, I immediately popped in the Chest & Back DVD and hit “play.”  I knew that if I waited until later in the day, I would start stiffening up from all the hiking and would not get it done.  So, still stinky and sweaty from backpacking, I began with the much appreciated stretching routine.  I was very interested to see how I would perform in this session, having just burned through a ton of calories hiking in the mountains. 

I have to say, I was happy with the results.  No gains from the prior week, but my “Power Score”–the cumulative total of all my reps and weights was exactly the same as last week.  Cumulative Pull Ups were about the same as well, increasing to 18 from last week’s 17.5. I’ll take that, after what I had just expended.

I went on and completed Ab Ripper X, drank a huge glass of low fat chocolate milk, and I was done. As in: “put a fork in me.” Ate a LOT of food last night. I was hungry.

Insanity today. I AM NOT looking forward to it.

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