P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 11: Downward Dog Magazine, June ’11

I’m so exited. After completing Yoga X this morning, I was overjoyed to receive my copy of the June edition of Downward Dog Magazine. This is one of the few periodicals in the country that is bucking the nationwide trend of subscription decline.  I attribute it to the cutting edge articles, the intrigue of the Yoga world, and the gossip section. Anyway, it will be great to sip away at my protein shake later today and be swept away by the latest yoga news.

So, when starting Yoga X, I followed Tony’s instructions and cleared my mind.  Then what? I do ninety minutes of yoga and finish up all loose and limber and my mind is tabula rasa. I’m concerned. How do I go about filling my head back up?  Easier said than done at my age!

Yoga, as always, was a much needed routine to loosen up my tight neck and shoulders.  No significant issues or difficulties to report.

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