P90X-Insanity Hybrid, Day 15: Chest & Back; ARX

OK, at some point in this endless blogging about P90X, you know a picture or reference to German Potato Soup will appear.  And what better place than a Chest & Back post.

I completed Chest & Back and the obligatory Ab Ripper X  yesterday, one day behind schedule.  I was travelling on Sunday, and this being my second round, didn’t feel compelled to jump into this routine as soon as I returned home Sunday evening. I felt guilty, yes… but not “compelled.”

It’s more difficult to accumulate Pull Up results and gains in this routine because you are working your arms in every exercise. I did, however, manage to take Pull Ups to an all time “Chest & Back” high for me, increasing to 25 from last week’s 18.  Wide Front Pull Ups continue to hold me back. I can barely eek out 1 in the second round.

I also tweaked my right shoulder slightly pulling Lawnmowers in round 1. I’m not too concerned because I won’t be “challenging” the tweak until I attempt Wide Fronts yet again later this week in Legs & Back.

My total “Power Score” (the accumulation of points on the P90X Excel worksheet “Data” tab) increased for the first time in this Round 2 effort of Chest & Back to a total of 237, from 214 in weeks 1 & 2.  This was because: 1) my Pull Ups increased and 2) my round 2 Push Ups increased and I added 1 rep to Heavy Pants in each round.

Back to Insanity later today. Much needed medicine to work off the wonderful Cherry Cheesecake Pie my mother served up over the weekend.

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